Exercise: A sequence of composition

Requirement: A sequence of 20-30 photographs that records the way of approaching and shooting a particular subject.  For this exercise it is suggested that an event, such as a prarade or a market is used to provide enough interesting subjects

For this exercise I decided to take a number of images during an annual informal get together we have with a number of friends that has taken place over the past few years.  We get together on New Years Day for a short walk to blow away the cobwebs from the previous night, and to have a chat over a lunch before departing to various homes later in the day.

The series of photographs shows preparation for the lunch before we leave, the assembling of the friends before setting off on the walk, some images taken on the walk (due to rain the number of images were somewhat reduced), before returning home for a well earned lunch.

From the images above there are two that convey the feeling of the event, the first is on the walk itself, a group photograph taken in the rain!

Also, the following image portrays the feeling of the event, showing a group of people enjoying a joke or two with the drink in front of the fire.

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Exercise – Focal Length and Angle of View


This exercise required three photographs taken at differing focal lengths, the first a near life like, the second with the camera at is shortest focal length, and the final image wit the camera set to its longest focal length.  For this exercise the camera was set to automatic and only the focal length was changed.

Chimonanthus praecox (Winter Sweet)

Chimonanthus praecox (Winter Sweet)

Starting with an image of the Chimonanthus praecox (Winter Sweet) that grows outside of the house, this was taken with the view through the viewfinder looking the same to that seen by the unaided eye.

Much of the detail and interest of the primary object of the picture, the shrub, is lost, due to the inclusion of the background.

The result is what comes across as a messy image.

A second shot was taken, with the lens set to its widest setting, this time at 18mm.  Compared to the previous image that overall picture seems much better inasmuch at least the entire shrub is visible.  The initial photograph did not show all of the plant, this image allows the viewer to see the overall plant in respect to its surroundings, giving a better understanding of the plant, but still lacks impact.

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